813-920-4445 or 786-490-7687
813-920-4445 or 786-490-7687
813-920-4445 or 786-490-7687
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We professionally deliver all over Central and South Florida

Black Dog Firewood stocks the best in local source high quality wood for all your fire needs

Ready for a fire?  We have seasoned wood available by the bundle, wheelbarrow, or pallet for all your backyard fire place or fire pit needs. Indoor Fireplace? May we suggest our Kiln Dried. It burns cleanly, lights fast, and leaves less ash. All wood may be picked up at our lot in Tampa, or professionally delivered to your home or business by the pallet. We have two pallet sized – Large (1/2 cord) and Eco (1/4 cord).  Two pallet minimum for deliveries. 

Our professional and bonded delivery team will place your wood anywhere accessible by cement. We do not handstack. 

Do you have a backyard smoker, pizza oven, or both indoor and outdoor fireplaces? Check out our cooking wood and smoking wood. Let us make cooking and enjoying your backyard easy! 

Do You Need Premium Cooking Wood?

We are happy to discuss your needs with you in person or just call us at 813-920-4445.